The New MES: Backbone of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the vision of future manufacturing that allows not only lower cost, higher quality, and faster processing – but all of that with personalized products. It's a marketplace where smart products and smart equipment interact autonomously for dynamic optimization on the fly.

For most companies, it’s a concept and the way to implement it is not clear. While testing out new technologies and creating a new approach to production and supply chain operations, there is one critical foundation piece companies must lay, and that is a new manufacturing execution system (MES) that is Industry 4.0 ready.

This White Paper defines how the role of MES as orchestrator, dynamic engine, broker agent for the marketplace players, and documenter is essential to making Industry 4.0 a reality and gaining the benefits.

Download this White Paper to learn about:

  • What’s so different in Industry 4.0?
  • The new MES for Industry 4.0. Traditional MES vs new MES
  • Ready to implement Industry 4.0? What type of functionality a new MES must have to cope with the challenges of Industry 4.0
  • The new MES fosters Industry 4.0 benefits

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