Digital Twin and Augmented Reality: From Ideal to Real with MES

It’s time to make the ideal of digital transformation real. Everyone seems to agree that is the path to manufacturing business success. Yet, not everyone knows how to proceed toward this digital future right now.

Hint: Combine the new Industry 4.0 technologies such as digital twin and augmented reality (AR) with up-to date versions of proven software systems, particularly manufacturing execution systems (MES).

Or better yet, find systems that inherently do that for you. Then create ways to ensure these digital and virtual systems reflect and fully support your physical and real operations.

There are many new technology approaches to consider in Industry 4.0. For this paper, we will focus mainly on two, digital twin and augmented reality (AR) and point to a third, digital thread, which is more an ideal data flow and approach that ties other technologies together.

This White Paper is focusing on the following aspects:

  • Digital Twin and Digital Thread
  • Integrated Manufacturing Software Approach
  • The MES-based Digital Twin
  • MES Boosts AR
  • Make it Real with Augmented MES

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