A quick explanation: Our MES scored highest out of 19 vendors evaluated  for “Batch/Repetitive Flow Manufacturing”, “Complex Discrete Manufacturing” and “Highly Regulated Industries”. The fourth use case, for “Continuous Process”, is not applicable for our solution. We are proud to say that our modern MES ranked highest for the complex manufacturing styles it was designed for.

After being named as a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for MES, the high scores we have received in the Critical Capabilities use cases reflect our sharp focus to be on the leading edge of MES solutions. According to Gartner, “there has been a fundamental shift in the MES market, driven by evolving technologies that challenge the MES status quo and driven by vendors with the agility and talent to accelerate the adoption of those technologies.” Critical Manufacturing believes that its modern MES delivers the new capabilities and technologies needed for manufacturers to gain rapid benefits from their smart manufacturing initiatives.

So, what does this mean for customers in the sectors we serve?

Getting ahead in regulatory compliance

It is particularly interesting that Gartner has included ‘Highly Regulated Industries’ this year. We asked Gartner for their definition of this use case and they said:

“Highly regulated industries have specific (often governmental) regulations that require documentation of processes and traceability of raw materials and products…Highly regulated industries have specific (often governmental) regulations that require documentation of processes and traceability of raw materials and products.”

Our work with medical device manufacturers means our MES is designed to ease compliance and ensure that quality is built into the manufacturing process through continuous process monitoring and improvement. It eliminates manual, paper based records from the shop floor as all process information for complete traceability is collected and stored in fully searchable electronic device history records (eDHR). Data can be securely accessed from anywhere and compliance is a natural by-product of the manufacturing process instead of a reactive procedure, easing the pain of regulatory audits.

Our MES is designed to deliver predictive quality. It collects, stores and processes the masses of data from shop floor sensors, equipment and other systems and adds MES context to unlock its value. Powerful analytics and machine learning algorithms can be used to analyze and identify patterns and correlations that support continuous process improvements aimed at enhancing quality, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance.

A holistic approach for complex manufacturing

In manufacturing segments such as medical devices, electronics and semiconductor, the increasing complexity of products and processes, coupled with more demanding customer requirements is driving the need for manufacturers to embrace digitalization for competitive advantage. Critical Manufacturing MES is built on the premise of Industry 4.0, which is to bring physical production and its operations (OT) together with information technology (IT) solutions to provide a holistic, enterprise-wide view of production, supply chain and wider business goals. It is designed to break down silos and create an integrated ecosystem where production efficiency, quality, and business agility all thrive, providing a clear pathway towards smart manufacturing at a pace that suits individual business needs and wider growth strategies. 

All in all, our MES is built from the ground up to embrace the latest technologies and help businesses innovate at scale and build for the future.

We are delighted with our rating in the Gartner Critical Capabilities for MES report but, more than anything, we are delighted we are getting it right for our customers.