Implement an MES Across your Global Enterprise

Modern MES architecture facilitates a faster and more efficient multi-site MES deployment program

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Implement an MES Across your Global Enterprise

Modern MES architecture facilitates a faster and more efficient multi-site MES deployment program

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Reliably deploy and continuously improve your MES

  • Deploy new installations or updates, including customizations, and configurations, into productive, staging, or test systems
  • Select versions of products, configurations, and customizations to deploy into productive, staging, or test systems, at the right time
  • Run your MES in on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment

Public or private


single or multi-plants

Hybrid models

Combination of cloud and on-premises

Architecture for more resilient, responsive, and agile manufacturing

Critical Manufacturing MES V10 is split into separately deployable and scalable components running on containers, with the ability to run on different technologies and orchestration tools (such as Kubernetes). A DevOps portal allows the deployment of the entire solution, both for a new installation or an update, including separate apps, IIoT solutions, customization, and master data packages, from a central location into cloud, on-premises or hybrid infrastructures. The one-click deployment technology performs the entire install in minutes.

Containerization for deployment choice
  • Containerization allows an application to be packaged in reusable images that can be executed on any supported container runtime, providing portability, increased security and easier deployments. Containerization technology also enables an abstraction of the underlying hardware infrastructure, which allows Critical Manufacturing MES to be deployed in a wide range of infrastructures, from on-premises to managed cloud environments.

    RESULT: Scalable and lightweight solution running on different platforms, without modification or additional configuration.

Container orchestration to optimize IT performance
  • Orchestration of containers is crucial for optimizing the performance of the software and the IT team that manages them. Container orchestrators deal with the complexity of applications that are composed of multiple components running as separate components, including shared resources, networking and storage. Container orchestrators are also responsible for managing application deployments, scaling and scheduling of containers across multiple physical nodes, ensuring optimal use of available resources. Critical Manufacturing MES can be deployed on Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

    RESULT: Containers running on distributed systems, resiliently, with scaling and failover in heterogeneous environments.

DevOps environment for progress
  • DevOps Center is Critical Manufacturing’s deployment portal, from where all system installations and upgrades can be performed. DevOps Center is integrated into Critical Manufacturing’s Customer Portal and allows centralized management of all MES instances, whether they are deployed in one or multiple data centers, in cloud or on-premises environments. Critical Manufacturing’s innovative remote deployment technology allows one-click deployment of a new MES instances in minutes, based on known configurations and templates.

    DevOps Center is part of an integrated DevOps Ecosystem, composed by a set of technologies and tools that partners, customers and SI’s can use to develop, evolve and maintain solutions built on Critical Manufacturing Framework.

    RESULT: Centralized management of installations with one-click deployment on cloud, on-prem or hybrid infrastructure

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