Complete integration and automation with Connect IoT

Connect IoT dramatically reduces the time and effort to implement bi-directional equipment and device integration. It reaches across all types of devices to create the Industry 4.0 decentralized autonomous shop floor marketplace. It can integrate any equipment and any device that provides any type of interface. At the most basic level, Connect IoT can be used to simply collect data, but at higher levels of automation, Connect IoT can also control equipment and devices by sending the appropriate commands in response to events.

Modular and extensible architecture

Take advantage of an extensive library of workflow blocks and communication protocols.

Out-of-the-box support

SECS/GEM, OPC-UA and OPC-DA, MQTT, Bluetooth Low Energy, Serial Communication (RS-232), TCP/IP Sockets, IPC-CFX, Fuji Nexim, OIB, CSV and RAW Files as well as SQL Server Databases.

Reusable workflow blocks

New communication protocols as well as new workflow blocks can be added to Connect IoT and re-used across all integrations.

Connect IoT dramatically reduces time and effort

The powerful Connect IoT module makes Critical Manufacturing the only MES to include a fully integrated automation layer robust enough to handle the needs of Semiconductor, Electronics, PCBs, Medical Devices and other demanding industries.

Connect IoT allows manufacturers with old or new hardware to achieve the promise of Industry 4.0 and reach new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Join the manufacturing data revolution

Gain valuable factory insights with the first IoT Data Platform combined with MES by Critical Manufacturing.
Watch this on-demand webcast of the Critical Manufacturing MES V8 launch event and learn about all the new capabilities to connect, optimize, automate and leverage the full power of your data in your manufacturing operations.

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