APS gains agility with MES

Critical Manufacturing MES maintains the necessary master data for the shop floor execution as well as updated information about WIP and equipment, making it easy and seamless for Critical’s natively integrated APS to generate an accurate, updated schedule with no integration effort.

The Critical Manufacturing Advanced Planning and Scheduling module generates a processing sequence for each equipment that optimizes one or more factory level KPIs (e.g. equipment utilization or fulfillment of due dates) while complying with multiple constraints such as work sch edules, resource availability, personnel certifications, material dependencies or delivery dates.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling capabilities

The Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) integrated module boosts the efficiency of planning and scheduling activities.

Avoid duplicated data-entry

And the need to exchange information between systems.

Real-time data

Always include up-to-date shop floor status in the schedule.

All MES information considered

Such as personnel certifications and planned equipment maintenance.

Seize the benefits of Advanced Planning and Scheduling

The APS module integrated with MES generate fast, accurate and efficient operations planning.

End-to-end optimization

Multi-criteria factory-level optimization including minimal setups, cycle times and delivery delays, while maintaining maximum equipment utilization.

Decision support

Efficient problem solving, characterized by a very high number of material operations with multiple restrictions.

Accurate analysis

Quantitative evaluation of the quality of the solutions, according to different KPIs.

Up to date schedules

Quick generation and release of optimized production schedules.


Ability to perform manual adjustments to a schedule.

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