Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Real-time enterprise-wide visualization and monitoring is crucial for high tech industries. fabLIVE Digital Twin is a real-time virtual window into the shop floor, with interactive performance monitoring.

Although the benefits of MES for productivity and yield are well-documented, some manufacturers face financial or human resource constraints to implement a complete solution. fabLIVE can be used as a stepping stone approach that delivers high value by providing:

  • Real-time 3D plant/line monitoring
  • A gateway or phased approach to implementing a complete MES
  • Supplemental enhancements to a legacy MES that lacks graphic visualizations and line-at-a-glance capabilities

The system supports an unlimited  number of fabLIVE Digital Twins which are created with drag-and-drop technology by mapping factory objects, such as equipment and areas, to 3D shapes. fabLIVE Digital Twin can be used from within a system dashboard and display a wealth of up-to-date information about any selected object, such as the uptime, history or the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of a particular equipment.

Make it real with MES-based Digital Twin

Users can increase the value of fabLIVE Digital Twin with additional modules, including:

Standard Configurations
  • Use OEE reports or other important production ratios by direct association with visual objects, providing clear understanding of the shop-floor from a bird’s eye view.

Master Data Integration
  • Factory layout can be based on an existing layout file – upload the layout and sketch over the equipment and areas, associating them to MES data.

Visual Equipment Monitoring
  • Real-time display of equipment information, with machine integration providing a clear picture of the current productive status.

Integrated fabLIVE Viewer
  • See the entire Production Facility or Area from within the MES, with no external plugin or additional software required.

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