Complex operations made easy

Critical Manufacturing MES allows manufacturers to use common devices, such as mobile phones or tablets to access the same functionalities once reserved for industrial workstations. By enabling the creation of customizable graphical user interfaces (GUIs), Critical Manufacturing MES is easier, faster and friendlier than any other MES on the market.

End users with minimum IT skills can create sophisticated dashboards using only drag-and-drop technology, leveraging a vast library of rich, visual controls. Based on simple configuration, any need to recompile or restart the application for GUI deployment or updates is removed.

Capture, process and display easily

Deliver an immediate response to any situation and monitor the entire manufacturing process, anytime, anywhere.

DIY: no coding needed

With no need for complicated coding, the system offers total flexibility, allowing users to build an interface using drag-and-drop technology. Interfaces can be created with common MES elements, with domain behavior that can be set, organized and customized.

Accommodates all users and functions

MES covers various functions, ranging from operations, quality, maintenance, logistics to engineering. Critical Manufacturing MES allows companies to create GUIs for facilities, areas, equipment or role-based GUIs, which are flexible and adaptable to the specific tasks of the user.

Simple and intuitive, yet informative and powerful

Critical Manufacturing MES empowers users with friendly and easy to use software, maintaining functionality and simplicity akin to consumer apps, rather than traditional, bulkier and outdated manufacturing interface systems.

Provides real-time visualizations

Personalized views, with real-time status of the shop floor, can be generated quickly to solve immediate shop floor process or maintenance needs.

Extensible: multi-platforms and multi form-size devices usage

Based on modern web technologies, Critical Manufacturing MES is flexible and easy to use. The technologies used work seamlessly across different devices and operating systems – from fixed operator panels or PCs to mobile devices, such as tablets or phones.

Based on open standards

Critical Manufacturing MES follows W3C and ECMA standards which allow the creation of rich interactive experiences, powered by cutting edge technology available on any device.

Enable unprecedented performance with the most complete and modern MES

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