Automatically monitor and respond to factory events

Take your automation capabilities beyond a single line or equipment and push it to the factory level. Critical Manufacturing’s Factory Automation module supports high automation by monitoring all your factory events and orchestrating the right response in the form of a business workflow that coordinates different applications, systems and sub-systems.

Factory Automation allows specific workflows to be triggered to appropriately handle events. The system automatically determines the next lot to be processed and triggers the transportation of that lot from its current location. At the same time, the system can also calculate and coordinate the next equipment step or destination of in-process or completed lot and guide an Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV).

Factory Automation is a robust and resilient system that handles all possible error situations, one of the known difficulties in automation scenarios. Automate repetitive and error prone activities, troubleshoot events and jobs and confidently handle all possible errors ranging from time-outs to invalid responses handled by the module.

Factory Automation accommodates fully automated and manual scenarios, as well as mixed solutions. The powerful and agile event-based factory-level workflow system automatically executes any type of short or long-running job, reacting to factory-level events to achieve the desired business outcome. Factories can progressively increase their level of automation as more automation equipment and capabilities become available. 

Based on Connect IoT Technology, the Factory Automation module takes advantage of the extensibility, cross platform, cross architecture and low hardware footprint. 

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Capabilities of a highly automated and resilient factory

As the future demands more customization, automation enables flexibility and efficiency. It can increase quality and boost output and productivity.

Events automation

Register all of your factory events.

Custom management

Design your own business workflows in a graphical manner.

Workflow library

Create a library of reusable workflows and actions.

Flexible process

Trigger one or more workflows (short or long-running jobs) based on events.

Instant control

Monitor and administer events and jobs.

Seize the benefits of Factory Automation

Manufacturing possibilities can be extended through the combination of predictive maintenance and enhanced communication capabilities as a way to improve processes and save resources.

Increase Operational efficiency
Increase production rates and productivity
Reduce labor costs
Improve workplace safety
Improve equipment utilization
Increase production flexibility
Improve product quality
Shorten cycle times

Accelerate progress towards Industry 4.0

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