Integrated warehouse management forjust-in-time manufacturing

To manufacture high quality products on-time for customers, it is essential that raw materials are managed in a cost effective manner to ensure that the right materials are available, in the right quantities, at the right time. 

Manage key business processes related to requesting materials, fulfilling those requests and moving the materials between locations.

Increase efficiency and avoid material shortages by automatically replenishing materials based on user defined reorder points and target inventory levels.

Material Logistics capabilities

Enable smarter manufacturing by reducing inefficiencies and managing all material-related business processes.

Material flow

Define material flows between storage areas and production lines.

Lifecycle management

Manage the material request lifecycle.

Picking list

Automatically generate pick lists to fulfill material requests.

Route optimization

Comply with user defined picking strategies (e.g.: FIFO, Expiration Date) and picking sequences to optimize picking routes.


Manage the material movement lifecycle, including the optional tracking of transport resources.

Inventory system

Create periodic inventories.

Seize the benefits of Material Logistics

Every time an item moves, there is an opportunity for error. MES maintains optimum material availability and flow to increase production velocity

Visibility and traceability

Improve visibility and traceability of material requests.

Inventory with the right quantities

Reduce excess inventory and raw materials scrap.

Materials availability

Reduce material shortages.

Material on-time

Reduce material request fulfillment times.

Costs reduction

Reduce overall material handling costs.

Inventory accuracy

Improve inventory management and accuracy of information.

Materials lifetime

Manage material shelf life and expiration dates.

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