White Paper

A Guide to Manufacturing Data Analytics

Manufacturing has lagged behind in implementing the right technologies to benefit from true data transformation. This White Paper by Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO of Critical Manufacturing, explains how a new category of software systems called “Data Platforms” has evolved to finally allow manufacturers to seize their data and unlock an unprecedented potential to create business value.

Download the White Paper and be one step ahead of the continuous evolution, volume and velocity of manufacturing data generated these days.

This White Paper is focusing on the following aspects:

  • What one manufacturing data management challenge requires undue effort and expertise for everyone
  • Where Top Performers are investing that others may not be
  • How Top Performers organize and staff for success
  • Pros and cons of “Paper on Glass”
  • Which technologies Top Performers use to support their success
  • Integrating MES with PLM, ERP, and more

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