Leading edge technologies to succeed in Industry 4.0

Inherently designed to accommodate the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), mobile devices, automation and sensors, Critical Manufacturing MES is truly an Industry 4.0 hub that provides manufacturers in demanding discrete industries a platform for digital transformation success.

How does Critical Manufacturing MES differentiate?

Whether plants use traditional technologies or Industry 4.0 distributed intelligence, the Critical Manufacturing MES is ready to help manufacturers accelerate progress towards their Industry 4.0 goals.

Progress to Industry 4.0 with the latest IIoT, Equipment Integration, Augmented Reality and Digital Twin technologies.

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Benefit from one solution to integrate any standard and IoT interfaces with no code configuration and easy deployment.

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The most complete natively integrated functionality for IIoT, Scheduling, Quality, Efficiency, Analytics and Automation.

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Users are in control with configurable interfaces and easy set up for process owners.

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