We believe in the power of partners

Leverage your expertise, market knowledge and relationships with a Critical Manufacturing MES partnership. The program gives you the opportunity to achieve your individual goals by matching your expertise to our partner categories.

Our global program enables you to extend your reach, fueled by the most modern MES for Industry 4.0.

Why should you become a Critical Manufacturing partner?

Grow your business and differentiate

Critical Manufacturing MES is a complete modern and modular solution that will allow you to grow your practice and differentiate your offer.

Boost your proficiency

We provide you with training and certification to build competency, aligning with Critical Manufacturing services and implementation best practices for success.

Leverage your network

Partner with Critical Manufacturing to offer your customers the most modern, advanced MES in the industry. We’ll train and certify you to enhance and strengthen your go to market capabilities.

Grow your profitability

Our Partner Program includes generous license commissions, maintenance revenue opportunities, and Partner entitlements designed to help you run a profitable partner business.

Select the partner program that fits

Critical Manufacturing’s partner program enables Consulting, Sales and Services Partners to expand their practice and extend their reach within a dynamic, demanding market. Our partner program matches your capabilities, whether its consulting, sales or implementation.

Consulting Partners
  • Our Consulting Partners work with customers as trusted advisors to guide and manage the project.

Services Partners
  • Our Services Partners offer complete solution deployment, integration, and support in served markets or geographies for Critical Manufacturing MES.

Manufacturer's Representatives
  • Manufacturer’s Representatives for Critical Manufacturing sell our Industry 4.0-ready MES. They engage our sales and professional services teams to help their customers in these industries realize the full potential of digital transformation/Industry 4.0.

Referral/Reseller Partners
  • Our Referral/Reseller Partners act as a customer liaison or first point of touch, and actively co-sell with us.

Technology Partners
  • Our Technology Partners help ensure we’re the most modern and comprehensive Industry 4.0 platform available today.

Industry Groups and Associations
  • Critical Manufacturing provides leading-edge software solutions for the most complex and demanding manufacturing industry segments–complex discrete, semiconductor and electronics, based on the unique conjunction of IT and manufacturing knowledge.

  • This is only possible due to our active participation in industry associations. We continue to broaden these strategic partnerships to ensure that we are able to offer solutions that provide our customers with the leading best practices to sustain their competitive advantages.

Critical Manufacturing supports partners from onboarding through deployment

At Critical Manufacturing, we provide a wide range of partners the opportunity to achieve their individual goals. We actively communicate and invest to help partners extend their reach and achieve success in an ever-growing market, linking our success to theirs with a variety of enabling investments.

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