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Discrete manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing September 2, 2021
The Pygmalion Effect and Digital Transformation

The Pygmalion effect of expecting the best results can be a key to deriving the benefits of change in a company. Knowing the company’s own value chain, placing clear expectations internally and in-line with a future, more digital self, followed by choosing the right MES and driving results through capable, motivated leadership, will deliver a digitally transformed enterprise.

Engineers using technologies in auto industry
Discrete manufacturing August 11, 2021
Post-COVID work and the role of MES

As with any global catastrophe, the pandemic forced sudden and abrupt change, which tested the mettle and resilience of every single business in the world. Manufacturing was no exception.

Young man using digital tablet on the empty football stadium
Discrete manufacturing August 4, 2021
Euro 2020 Final: A masterclass on MES selection

The Euro 2020 final is truly a masterclass in MES selection. How does the MES selection process relate to the Euro 2020 final? Learn from the champions and select your digital transformation partners and MES wisely.

Technologist expert in protective uniform with hairnet and mask taking parameters from industrial machine in food production plant.
Discrete manufacturing July 2, 2021
Quality by Industry

This distinction between industry segment needs is a primary reason that MES products are specialized by industry. Getting a MES/QMS system that captures the distinct processes, nomenclature, manufacturing modes and quality regulations is driven by industry-specific functionality. The selection of a specific vendor should include the focus, functionality and roadmap for that industry.

2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities graphics showing scores for 3 out of 4 use cases
Discrete manufacturing June 11, 2021
Critical Manufacturing placed at the top for 3 out 4 use cases in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for MES report

After being named as a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for MES, our MES scored highest out of 19 vendors evaluated for “Batch/Repetitive Flow Manufacturing”, “Complex Discrete Manufacturing” and “Highly Regulated Industries”. We are proud to say that our modern MES ranked highest for the complex manufacturing styles it was designed for.

3d printing in manufacturing
Discrete manufacturing May 27, 2021
MES and Additive Manufacturing

While 3D printing or additive manufacturing has vast potential in reducing lead times for discrete and customized manufactured products/parts, it is vital that the MES being used to usher in the technology is ready for the changes which will occur across the value chain, in order to ensure that the true potential of the technology and other Industry 4.0 technologies being used in tandem are realized.

MES and Organizational Learning
Discrete manufacturing May 21, 2021
MES & its role in organizational learning

If you have the right MES application deployed, the speed of your digitalization efforts does not need to be subject to your employee’s skill development; it can be done simultaneously and organically to deliver the best results. Having the right MES will help your organization harness your specific and unique organizational knowledge, and develop a new stream of knowledge.

SMT Technician working on MES using Augmented Reality glasses
Discrete manufacturing April 29, 2021
Augmented & Virtual Reality: Use-cases already implemented in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 leverages both the Internet of Things-based devices and cloud-based computing, using AR and/or VR for an enriched and immersive experience, enabling enterprises to react faster. Armed with high quality information, the resulting actions help to achieve Industry 4.0 benefits associated with speed, accuracy, clarity and in some cases, innovation.

Discrete manufacturing April 16, 2021
Meeting the Manufacturing Data Management Challenge

Critical Manufacturing hosted a webinar with Julie Fraser, based on a survey of over 300 executives from around the world. It explored how the leaders are pursuing data management and what should be the priorities related to data management in manufacturing.