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Discrete manufacturing May 23, 2024
Supercharging Manufacturing Transformation: An MES-Centric Model for Tracking and Driving Business Value

Transformation of manufacturing process is a crucial component for global competitiveness. Today, most large organizations explore new technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, Cameras, 5G and new generation software to transform their manufacturing systems. 

Discrete manufacturing May 8, 2024
Breaking Silos, Boosting Efficiency: The Transformative Power of MES Centers of Excellence

The implementation of an MES CoE offers a strategic solution, aiming to standardize processes and technologies across these diverse environments while fostering agility and responsiveness to shifting business conditions.

Discrete manufacturing March 28, 2024
Build vs Buy Software Series #1: Three Critical Strategy Questions

This is the first article of a series on how to decide whether to build or buy software. To start, we explain the three critical strategy questions important to answer up front.

Banner Blog Micron Rol of AI in Manufacturing
Semiconductor manufacturing February 29, 2024
The expanding role of AI in manufacturing

Micron is using AI models to analyze 3.3 million images each day, which contributes to a 50% reduction in new product ramp time, and 18% increase in labor productivity. Micron expects the greatest AI contributions in intelligent analytics, intelligent robots, and content generation.

Discrete manufacturing February 15, 2024
Why the future of manufacturing will rely on open source

How manufacturers can accelerate transformation and stay ahead of the competition in 2024 and beyond.

Medical device manufacturing February 1, 2024
Pretending to be Agile – Implementation of MES in a regulated environment

In regulated industries such as medical device manufacturing and pharma, where adherence to strict standards is paramount, embracing the agile flexibility presents its own set of challenges.

Discrete manufacturing January 19, 2024
Digital Twin: It’s a concept not an application

Digital Twin is a concept, not an application, and definitely not a shortcut to achieving smart manufacturing benefits. Unfortunately, it is necessary to understand that the path to I4.0 is a path of sophistication, but also of maturity.

Medical device manufacturing August 17, 2023
Manufacturing’s Role in MedTech Becoming a Valued Healthcare Partner

How can a MedTech manufacturer secure its position as a valued partner in the fast-changing healthcare industry? It all comes down to being reliable on many fronts.

Discrete manufacturing August 10, 2023
AI, IoT, and MES:  Exploring their Roles in the Future of Manufacturing

AI has always been a topic filled with concern and curiosity when it is discussed in manufacturing. Manufacturing leadersneed to look at AI pragmatically, focusing on its potential in current operations instead of concern over an AI takeover.