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Industry 4.0

Dark Data
Discrete manufacturing April 20, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Dark Data

Dark data has no immediate value and does not translate into useful information, even when orchestrated and organized. Yet you should store it. This post explains why and how

Medical Device Factory
Medical device manufacturing April 16, 2020
How manufacturing execution systems can improve process capacity

Industry 4.0 and automation & robotics have grown in importance in today’s manufacturing landscape. What role do these technologies have in improving process efficiency and capacity? Chris Parsons, Critical Manufacturing, explains how manufacturing execution systems (MES) can improve process capacity.

Engineers analyzing manufacturing data
Discrete manufacturing April 14, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing

Contrary to what happened in the previous industrial revolutions, manufacturing has lagged in implementing the base technologies underlying the transformation. Why has it been so conservative and slow to adopt big data?

Medical Ventilator
Medical device manufacturing April 9, 2020
MedTech: Globalize and Scale using MES

Innovative medical device companies are embracing the Industry 4.0 paradigm for smart manufacturing to support outcome based models. They recognize that they cannot manufacture and market next generation, disruptive and personalized products with last generation processes and legacy systems.

Factory Augmented Reality
Discrete manufacturing April 7, 2020
Augmented-Reality: Making a MES

Augmented-Reality (AR) is very much part of the digital revolution in manufacturing. By simply donning a hands-free headset, workers can add a virtual layer of contextual information on top of what they see before them along with detailed information about a machine or process.

Discrete manufacturing April 2, 2020
Four Way Tug of War

Recognize a paradigm shift in technology that affects your line of business and re-organize to take advantage of it, in spite of the short term pain. It is worth the risk to be the first mover, to gain an advantage over the competition and wow the customer.

Engineers analyzing data
Discrete manufacturing March 23, 2020
Practical Approaches to IT/OT Convergence

IT and OT each manage different aspects of a plant’s functioning. Equipment data is the domain of OT, and it becomes far more valuable when it goes into an IT environment for context and analysis. Only with IT and OT working in harmony can a plant achieve optimal performance.

Robot arms in an Industry 4.0 factory
Discrete manufacturing March 20, 2020
Industry 4.0: Can We Rescue It From Failure?

Finding success with smart factories can be a frustrating experience. It’s not for lack of trying, since most major companies have undertaken projects, but as a Cap Gemini report shows, it appears they are not getting the results they’d expected.

Home Office
Discrete manufacturing March 17, 2020
Now’s the time to get your MES selection going

The selection process for a MES system is by nature time consuming. If this downtime is properly used by the manufacturer, for all phases in which physical contact is not necessary once restrictions are lifted, it will be in ideal conditions for the final stages of the process.