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Industry 4.0

Electronics manufacturing June 25, 2020
Successfully using Sales Reps for Enhanced Customer Engagement in North America

Critical Manufacturing increased its sales representative base significantly in 2020 for the Electronics and SMT Industry in North America. We’ve added a category called Manufacturer’s Reps. What is the reasoning behind this?

Industry 4.0 robot
Discrete manufacturing June 18, 2020
The Future of Manufacturing and the Role of MES

Today we will discuss the future of manufacturing, examining the effects that new technologies and the pandemic are having in shaping its future. We will review the need for digital transformation and building resilience in global manufacturing supply chains.

Critical Manufacturing MES
Discrete manufacturing June 9, 2020
Your style defines your MES

Categorizing manufacturing operations based on process workflows and establishing a functionality/weight-based methodology for selecting the right MES is a logical first step. Understanding industry-specific use cases will enable and aid better decision making when it comes to deciding which MES works best for you.

stream processing
Discrete manufacturing June 4, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Stream Processing

As I started to explore in the first post of this series, many companies seem to be strategically lost among the various digitization initiatives and are experiencing severe difficulties in achieving results from the investments made.

Discrete manufacturing June 2, 2020
Make vs. Buy: 6 Reasons for Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Software

Whether it’s MES, Batch Recipe Management System, or EMI portal, they all are subjected to the “make versus buy” argument or sometimes, the “repurposing” of existing applications to make do. Let’s examine the reasoning.

Discrete manufacturing May 27, 2020
Facing Down Uncertainty in Uncertain Times

If there’s one thing over everything else that’s going to ruin your plans for manufacturing excellence, it’s uncertainty. And that is something we have in abundance right now.

Discrete manufacturing May 21, 2020
What are the 2020 Critical Capabilities for MES?

It is with great pleasure that we note that the 2020 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Manufacturing Execution Systems, recognizes Critical Manufacturing with the highest product scores for three use cases.

Discrete manufacturing April 23, 2020
Partners For Business Continuity

There are several reasons why MES needs Implementation Providers. These are companies focused on providing services, with a MES practice developed over many years, often with a strong MES-specific project methodology in place, and having the success of the project as the main objective.

Dark Data
Discrete manufacturing April 20, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Dark Data

Dark data has no immediate value and does not translate into useful information, even when orchestrated and organized. Yet you should store it. This post explains why and how