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Data Network Edge
Discrete manufacturing April 28, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Working at the Edge

While manufacturing increasingly relies on near real time data for decision making, it requires solutions that can rapidly generate and process huge amounts of data. Edge solutions are a critical element of the entire data platform.

Engineers analyzing data
Discrete manufacturing March 23, 2020
Practical Approaches to IT/OT Convergence

IT and OT each manage different aspects of a plant’s functioning. Equipment data is the domain of OT, and it becomes far more valuable when it goes into an IT environment for context and analysis. Only with IT and OT working in harmony can a plant achieve optimal performance.

SMT Machine Connectivity
SMT March 5, 2020
New Machine Connectivity market report from ARC

Recently, the leading technology market analysis firm ARC released a market report – “How Digital Transformation is Changing the Business Value of Connectivity to Machines”.
In today’s increasingly complex global competitive environment, real-time information is vital to help manufacturers at both the plant and enterprise levels make decisions that improve efficiency and effectiveness, bringing intelligence to their business.

op 3 downloaded white papers
Discrete manufacturing February 17, 2020
Surprise! In the era of Industry 4.0, the most read paper of 2019 was about … MES replacement

It is no secret technology keeps advancing. Today, it seems to do so at an accelerated pace with a level of innovation that is nothing short of spectacular! These advances have created new opportunities for manufacturers to explore new ways to increase productivity. At the same time, these technologies have opened up greater global competition, which is now placing new pressure to be more creative with how work gets done.

MESA's response to Smart factory industry 4.0 results
Discrete manufacturing December 10, 2019
10 Numbers on Smart Manufacturing – MESA’s Response

I am John Meulemeester from and I would like to add some feedback to Francisco’s comments, focused on some particular items.
For me, SCADA and MES are not the same and should be separated. In my 30+ years visiting factories that produce everything you can imagine, I have personally witnessed that most manufacturers have some kind of HMI/SCADA