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SMT line
Electronics manufacturing June 29, 2023
SMT and Beyond: Manufacturing Data Continuity for Electronics

The entire plant must have access to the data it needs at all times, from any area of the facility and beyond. Plus, anywhere in the enterprise might need access to accurate, timely, and in-context data from production.

Enabling automation in Electronics
Electronics manufacturing April 14, 2022
Integration through MES for a successful Automation and Process Orchestration

How the MES alleviates electronics manufacturers challenges through better integration and connected orchestration.

Medical device manufacturing February 10, 2022
Data is a Team Sport

Medical device manufacturers face a unique set of challenges where data and its management are concerned from an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Female Scientist Working on Silicon Wafer Fabrication in Cleanroom in Semiconductor fab
Semiconductor manufacturing July 9, 2021
IoT Data Platform – A Necessity for Semiconductor Manufacturing

A truly Industry 4.0-enabled semiconductor fab needs more than a MES. It needs an IoT data platform, which encompasses the core MES functionality, but has the capability to unleash the potential of IoT through enhanced data storage and manipulation capabilities.

Discrete manufacturing April 5, 2021
Edge Computing and MES

The importance of harnessing large volumes data and the value its analysis creates has been the rhetoric behind Industry 4.0 and seen as one of the major drivers towards achieving the benefits associated with it.

Discrete manufacturing March 19, 2021
Pre-IIoT MES- time to bid adieu?

MES applications which were pre-IIoT were mostly custom built, and many times ‘closed’ systems where business and product, logic and flow were intertwined and integration with enterprise applications was optional. You need to look at the current MES deployed in your process and ask the following five questions; upon answering them, it will become clearer whether or not an overhaul can save your application or it needs to go.

Discrete manufacturing November 6, 2020
MES vs IIoT or MES with IIoT? What’s the way forward?

Are you deciding between an MES or an IIoT Platform? What about leverage them both? MES enables value chain-wide improvements, which no IIoT platform alone can ever achieve.

Modern-Industrial Software
Discrete manufacturing September 16, 2020
Open vs Closed MES

There is a lot of debate and discussion pertaining to the way a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) should function from an IIoT and Industry 4.0 perspective. The words ‘open’ vs. ‘closed’ application are also encountered in such debates; I will focus on the basic difference between an open and a closed MES, and which one is suited for the times to come.

factory of the future
Discrete manufacturing July 15, 2020
Factory of the Future

Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Digital Factory, Connected Enterprise, Factory of the Future, Plant floor to ERP, Convergence of IT & OT, IIOT and Digitization are either connected terms or very close to each other with slight differences.