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Digital Transformation

MES and Organizational Learning
Discrete manufacturing May 21, 2021
MES & its role in organizational learning

If you have the right MES application deployed, the speed of your digitalization efforts does not need to be subject to your employee’s skill development; it can be done simultaneously and organically to deliver the best results. Having the right MES will help your organization harness your specific and unique organizational knowledge, and develop a new stream of knowledge.

Medical device manufacturing May 6, 2021
Automated Validation: Accelerating MES Implementations in Regulated Environments

The Automated Validation approach is crucial in helping companies to reduce the time and cost of their validation efforts by at least 60-70%.

Two Engineers/ Scientists in Hazmat Sterile Suits Walking Through Technologically Advanced Factory/ Laboratory. Clean High-Tech Environment with CNC Machinery
Discrete manufacturing March 25, 2021
MES for Resilient Operations

The COVID-19 Pandemic is perhaps the biggest reality check for every single business entity in the world. Today, we will explore why your operation needs a MES from a digitalization and post-pandemic perspective, and how it directly contributes to building a value chain-wide reliance.

Discrete manufacturing February 22, 2021
5 Steps to Digital Transformation: The Value of Human Dynamics

There is a lot of talk about the technology behind Industry 4.0 and digitalization, but this is not the most important consideration – people are. Afterall, it is people that make technology happen, that change how we manufacture, and, ultimately, the needs of whom the whole manufacturing process is designed to fulfill.

containers for MES deployment
Discrete manufacturing January 18, 2021
Modern MES – Are Containers the Way to Go?

One technology which is becoming extremely popular is the ‘containerization’ of applications; the most popular provider of containers being Docker. Our goal here it is to establish how applications or functions within larger applications can be created, modified and deployed better when they are containerized and the fact that this is much a cheaper and faster option for the organization which intends to use the applications.

Critical Manufacturing MES
Discrete manufacturing December 18, 2020
Guide for Successful Transition to Paperless Manufacturing

If you are running a paperless program in manufacturing or thinking about starting it, this article is a must read. And I have chosen to start it by giving you already the three main takeaways:
Prone to human error, inefficient and inflexible, predisposed to decision lag are hidden costs of paper-based systems; The choice of the right tool to go paperless shall consider its Integration Capabilities and Configurability, Usability, and Mobility; This is a journey. Start to process your data quickly with an easy-to-use interface and soon you will get deeper insights to rethink your manufacturing processes.

Digital Twin
Discrete manufacturing November 27, 2020
How to motivate companies to pursue Industry 4.0

Companies which approach digital transformation from a strategic standpoint and pursue the step changes required for enabling this new revolution reinvigorate their value chain and have the opportunity to achieve unprecedented results from their operations and extended supply chain.

Discrete manufacturing October 16, 2020
The New MES: Backbone of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution, is the promise to manufacturing companies of lower costs, higher quality, faster processing with theoretical ‘lots of one.’ It is a marketplace, where smart products and smart equipment can interact autonomously for dynamic optimization on the fly.

Discrete manufacturing July 22, 2020

ROI: Return on Investment. It’s a standard measurement criteria used for most complex or costly endeavors, where the factors of time, funds and people are involved: buying a new piece of capital equipment; investing in a new production line; or buying a software product which has vast organizational impact, such as an ERP or MES.
For IT projects, an ROI exercise is a given.