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Operator looking at MES sites
Medical device manufacturing June 17, 2021
Modular MES and multisite implementations in MedTech

How does one implement an MES across multiple manufacturing plants, separated not just geographically but perhaps by operational style, IT infrastructure, work culture, and process technology?

Discrete manufacturing April 16, 2021
Meeting the Manufacturing Data Management Challenge

Critical Manufacturing hosted a webinar with Julie Fraser, based on a survey of over 300 executives from around the world. It explored how the leaders are pursuing data management and what should be the priorities related to data management in manufacturing.

Discrete manufacturing April 5, 2021
Edge Computing and MES

The importance of harnessing large volumes data and the value its analysis creates has been the rhetoric behind Industry 4.0 and seen as one of the major drivers towards achieving the benefits associated with it.

Engineer looking at manufacturing data
Discrete manufacturing February 15, 2021
Manufacturing Data: Can it Finally Flow?

Combining data from Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) is not only essential to analysis and insights, but it is the foundation for achieving the agility and business value that companies want.

Business digitization
Discrete manufacturing December 7, 2020
MES: Equipment Communication and the Role of Standards

Industry 4.0, much like the previous three industrial revolutions, demands, and drives change. It requires changes to be made in business strategy, leadership commitment, process technology, IT, value chain-wide integration, personnel engagement, and most importantly, in communication.

Men analysing data
Discrete manufacturing October 29, 2020
MES and Security

One of the most common concerns when it comes to the implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 for manufacturers is the risk to data security and maintaining requisite level of data integrity throughout the value chain. Let’s understand why security is a concern.

Discrete manufacturing September 25, 2020
ERP vs. MES: Still a Standoff?

Is an ERP as a standalone solution enough to get manufacturers Industry 4.0-ready, without using a MES or another operations management solution? Can an ERP system replace a MES in a digital transformation project, and still provide the same benefits?

Manufacturing data
Discrete manufacturing September 7, 2020
Getting the most out of manufacturing data to raise Supply Chain profitability

Delivering perfect orders isn´t easy, but having the right technological tools will help your company to get the most value of manufacturing data and make you outperform, shaping the difference between failing and succeeding in Order Management, especially in highly vertically integrated industries.

stream processing
Discrete manufacturing June 4, 2020
A Guide to Data Analytics For Manufacturing – Stream Processing

As I started to explore in the first post of this series, many companies seem to be strategically lost among the various digitization initiatives and are experiencing severe difficulties in achieving results from the investments made.