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Filipa Dorey


Filipa d’Orey is an Industry 4.0 Business Development Specialist at Critical Manufacturing. Working hard and working out go hand-in-hand in her life. She’s been recently named as one of the Top Industry 4.0 Influential Voices & Brands by Onalytics. Filipa has a degree in Engineering and Industrial Management and focuses on the digitalization needs of manufacturers with an emphasis on MES, IIoT, Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance and ROI.

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MES for profitability
Discrete manufacturing September 11, 2020
ROI for MES: The Pursuit for Profitability

The need for an MES is strategic and its returns multiple and span across the entire value chain. Capture each gain individually, and then view as a whole to truly determine the benefits the MES application brings.

Industry 4.0 robot
Discrete manufacturing June 18, 2020
The Future of Manufacturing and the Role of MES

Today we will discuss the future of manufacturing, examining the effects that new technologies and the pandemic are having in shaping its future. We will review the need for digital transformation and building resilience in global manufacturing supply chains.

Woman wearing smart glasses Augmented Reality Glasses
Discrete manufacturing October 22, 2019
What is the Value of Augmented Reality?

We live in a world where digital technologies have warped what we now consider “normal.” For example, with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now widely accepted that by next year, the IoT will comprise more than 30 billion connected devices. Can you imagine what 30 billion devices look like? If we are going to make sense of all this data, then we’ll need a better way to process and act upon it. Augmented Reality could be our best option.