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Filipa d’Orey is an Industry 4.0 Business Development Specialist at Critical Manufacturing. Working hard and working out go hand-in-hand in her life. She’s been recently named as one of the Top Industry 4.0 Influential Voices & Brands by Onalytics. Filipa has a degree in Engineering and Industrial Management and focuses on the digitalization needs of manufacturers with an emphasis on MES, IIoT, Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance and ROI.

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Medical device manufacturing May 5, 2022
How the Pandemic Changed Healthcare Forever

For the global healthcare systems, the COVID pandemic was a major inflection point which shook the system to its core. It brought out an obvious weakness: the need to drastically transform and update current practices, procedures and equipment used to provide patient care. GE Healthcare published a report in June 2021 on the impact of … Continued

Factory worker man with mask and safety uniform hold the document also shows thumbs up and stand in front of operating machine
Discrete manufacturing March 16, 2022
All you need to know about MES implementation providers

Most MES vendors offer off-the-shelf solutions and industry-specific functional coverage. Market guide put out by Gartner explores third party implementation providers for MES platforms and what companies need to look for in their implementation partner.

Medical device manufacturing February 10, 2022
Data is a Team Sport

Medical device manufacturers face a unique set of challenges where data and its management are concerned from an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Engineers using technologies in auto industry
Discrete manufacturing August 11, 2021
Post-COVID work and the role of MES

As with any global catastrophe, the pandemic forced sudden and abrupt change, which tested the mettle and resilience of every single business in the world. Manufacturing was no exception.

laboratory equipment working for sterilization
Medical device manufacturing July 22, 2021
COVID-19 is an inflection point for Medical Device manufacturing

While some industries, such as non-essential goods, were brought to a complete halt, other industries supplying goods to battle the disease (the Pharmaceutical, Clinical Diagnostic and Medical Device sectors), were expected to scale rapidly to meet the global demand for their products.

Discrete manufacturing April 9, 2021
The IKEA effect & MES

What in the world does the IKEA effect have to do with software, and more specifically with MES? A truly modern MES application should, by virtue of its design, have the IKEA effect built in and as a part of its standard outlay.

Discrete manufacturing February 22, 2021
5 Steps to Digital Transformation: The Value of Human Dynamics

There is a lot of talk about the technology behind Industry 4.0 and digitalization, but this is not the most important consideration – people are. Afterall, it is people that make technology happen, that change how we manufacture, and, ultimately, the needs of whom the whole manufacturing process is designed to fulfill.

Discrete manufacturing February 1, 2021
Can we run factories from smart phones?

This may sound a totally impractical suggestion, but we need to ask the question: ‘Why not?’ Traditionally, factory operating systems or manufacturing executions systems (MES) have used bespoke interfaces, but the world, and technology, has moved on.

Discrete manufacturing October 22, 2020
Why Strategy Matters to Industry 4.0 Success

How to start an Industry 4.0 project? It seems rather direct—start small, prove the concept, and then scale. The problem is more than two-thirds of these projects fail. Why—because there wasn’t an overarching strategy set for the transformation.