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Operator looking at MES sites
Medical device manufacturing June 17, 2021
Modular MES and multi-site implementations in MedTech

How does one implement an MES across multiple manufacturing plants, separated not just geographically but perhaps by operational style, IT infrastructure, work culture, and process technology?

Discrete manufacturing April 9, 2021
The IKEA effect & MES

What in the world does the IKEA effect have to do with software, and more specifically with MES? A truly modern MES application should, by virtue of its design, have the IKEA effect built in and as a part of its standard outlay.

Diagnostic and imaging
Medical device manufacturing March 12, 2021
MES for Business Continuity in the Medical Device Industry

As the medical device industry grows despite the pandemic (current research shows a 7% market growth) the need for an MES for process oversight and guidance becomes an even stronger argument.

Digital Twin
Discrete manufacturing November 27, 2020
How to motivate companies to pursue Industry 4.0

Companies which approach digital transformation from a strategic standpoint and pursue the step changes required for enabling this new revolution reinvigorate their value chain and have the opportunity to achieve unprecedented results from their operations and extended supply chain.

Discrete manufacturing October 22, 2020
Why Strategy Matters to Industry 4.0 Success

How to start an Industry 4.0 project? It seems rather direct—start small, prove the concept, and then scale. The problem is more than two-thirds of these projects fail. Why—because there wasn’t an overarching strategy set for the transformation.

Discrete manufacturing June 30, 2020
6 Ways to Ensure a Successful MES Project

It is only after the top management realizes the need to implement an MES, or to update the existing legacy system, that the MES project starts to take shape. With it comes complexity and fear of failure; so, to alleviate those fears, today we will explore ways in which you can ensure that your MES project is a success.

Discrete manufacturing April 23, 2020
Partners For Business Continuity

There are several reasons why MES needs Implementation Providers. These are companies focused on providing services, with a MES practice developed over many years, often with a strong MES-specific project methodology in place, and having the success of the project as the main objective.