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MES for profitability
Discrete manufacturing September 11, 2020
ROI for MES: The Pursuit for Profitability

The need for an MES is strategic and its returns multiple and span across the entire value chain. Capture each gain individually, and then view as a whole to truly determine the benefits the MES application brings.

Discrete manufacturing July 22, 2020

ROI: Return on Investment. It’s a standard measurement criteria used for most complex or costly endeavors, where the factors of time, funds and people are involved: buying a new piece of capital equipment; investing in a new production line; or buying a software product which has vast organizational impact, such as an ERP or MES.
For IT projects, an ROI exercise is a given.

Discrete manufacturing April 2, 2020
Four Way Tug of War

Recognize a paradigm shift in technology that affects your line of business and re-organize to take advantage of it, in spite of the short term pain. It is worth the risk to be the first mover, to gain an advantage over the competition and wow the customer.