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Electronics manufacturing May 26, 2022
Bringing Industry 4.0 into the Electronics NPI Process

An MES platform, designed specifically to meet the industry’s NPI and production management needs, might be the key to improving time to market, with assured quality in high volume production.

industrial factory for assembly of microelectronics - interior and workers
Electronics manufacturing October 14, 2021
Speeding Time to Market for EMS companies: the role of MES in NPI.

When connected and deployed at the EMS provider’s side, the MES controls process route modelling among SMT, THT, Assembly and Test processes, BOM/CAD import and validation, defect management and work instruction creation, all of which are essential for a disciplined and well-orchestrated NPI project execution.

Discrete manufacturing May 27, 2020
Facing Down Uncertainty in Uncertain Times

If there’s one thing over everything else that’s going to ruin your plans for manufacturing excellence, it’s uncertainty. And that is something we have in abundance right now.

Digital Twin of a factory on a screen of mobile device
Discrete manufacturing January 16, 2019
The Increasing Value of a Digital Twin

Some time ago in 2019 Tom Jenks wrote a great article that defined a Digital Twin and provided a high-level overview of the potential benefits. This technology has come of age, given recent advances that have occurred with the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. By providing access to a greater number of data points coupled with the ability to better predict other variables, it is now possible to achieve far greater calibration between the physical and digital worlds. These developments have significantly increased the value of the Digital Twin.