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MES migration

Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits with Automation system control application
Semiconductor manufacturing April 6, 2023
Semiconductor Manufacturing: 5 signs you need to migrate to a modern MES  

Having a more automated semiconductor manufacturing operation begins with a modern MES at the core of a digital transformation.

Semiconductor manufacturing October 13, 2022
Multisite MES Streamlines FMD’s Microelectronics Development

Research Fab Microelectronics Germany has bought together 13 research institutes and given them the advantages of a centralized organization. To further cooperation and accelerated learning among its institutes, FMD decided to source a common Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to operate across its multiple sites.

Factory Automation
Discrete manufacturing December 14, 2021
5 Principles for Good Process Design

The five perspectives on your business process design that will help you prepare your operations for digitalization.

MES Replacement
Discrete manufacturing December 29, 2020
Guide to Successful MES Replacement

Why replace a working MES with a new MES? There are many reasons, and they must be sound and significant for most companies to take on such a major endeavor. Industry 4.0 and an array of emerging digital technologies make the prospect of upgrading your MES attractive—taking advantage of new technologies; reducing a ‘hodgepodge’ of applications for a centrally-managed, cohesive application framework; and addressing hardware/software end of life issues with no migration path.