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machine learning

Discrete manufacturing November 6, 2020
MES vs IIoT or MES with IIoT? What’s the way forward?

Are you deciding between an MES or an IIoT Platform? What about leverage them both? MES enables value chain-wide improvements, which no IIoT platform alone can ever achieve.

Manufacturing data
Discrete manufacturing September 7, 2020
Getting the most out of manufacturing data to raise Supply Chain profitability

Delivering perfect orders isn´t easy, but having the right technological tools will help your company to get the most value of manufacturing data and make you outperform, shaping the difference between failing and succeeding in Order Management, especially in highly vertically integrated industries.

Discrete manufacturing July 9, 2020
Four Analytical Heroes in the Battle for Efficiency

Analytics have become a big part of manufacturing operations. For decades, plants have generated and collected data, but modern technologies with advanced analytics, machine learning (ML) and other artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are taking how we use this data to new levels.

Virtual Reality Hand with Dashboards
Discrete manufacturing September 18, 2019
The Importance of a Connected Plant

Perhaps the most important feature of the smart factory, its connected nature, is also one of its most crucial sources of value. Smart factories require the underlying processes and materials to be connected to generate the data necessary to make real-time decisions. In a truly smart factory, assets are fitted with smart sensors so systems can continuously pull data sets from both new and traditional sources.