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Discrete manufacturing February 1, 2021
Can we run factories from smart phones?

This may sound a totally impractical suggestion, but we need to ask the question: ‘Why not?’ Traditionally, factory operating systems or manufacturing executions systems (MES) have used bespoke interfaces, but the world, and technology, has moved on.

Discrete manufacturing November 23, 2020
MES and the Cloud- Bringing it all together

Today, we will look at the foundational aspects of MES and the cloud to understand what cloud computing offers, what makes it so exciting for businesses around the world to adopt for manufacturing, and how the MES interplays and leverages the cloud.

Discrete manufacturing October 16, 2020
The New MES: Backbone of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution, is the promise to manufacturing companies of lower costs, higher quality, faster processing with theoretical ‘lots of one.’ It is a marketplace, where smart products and smart equipment can interact autonomously for dynamic optimization on the fly.

Automotive Manufacturing Arm Welding
Automotive manufacturing November 7, 2019
The single greatest challenge facing automotive manufacturers

As automotive manufacturers continue to accelerate the pace of electrification within their industry, it may surprise you that this might not be the greatest challenge facing these manufacturers, their technology partners and their internal IT departments.