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João Aido


João Aido is an Applications Engineer for Critical Manufacturing. He has +10 years of experience in the industrial environment, having worked across different areas (Process Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Production Management and Business Unit Management). João is passionate for traveling around the world, having visited more than 20 countries. He has a Master's Degree in Engineering and Industrial Management with a specialization in Business Processes. Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality and Big Data are his major Industry 4.0 interests.

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Young man using digital tablet on the empty football stadium
Discrete manufacturing August 4, 2021
Euro 2020 Final: A masterclass on MES selection

The Euro 2020 final is truly a masterclass in MES selection. How does the MES selection process relate to the Euro 2020 final? Learn from the champions and select your digital transformation partners and MES wisely.

3d printing in manufacturing
Discrete manufacturing May 27, 2021
MES and Additive Manufacturing

While 3D printing or additive manufacturing has vast potential in reducing lead times for discrete and customized manufactured products/parts, it is vital that the MES being used to usher in the technology is ready for the changes which will occur across the value chain, in order to ensure that the true potential of the technology and other Industry 4.0 technologies being used in tandem are realized.

Discrete manufacturing March 19, 2021
Pre-IIoT MES- time to bid adieu?

MES applications which were pre-IIoT were mostly custom built, and many times ‘closed’ systems where business and product, logic and flow were intertwined and integration with enterprise applications was optional. You need to look at the current MES deployed in your process and ask the following five questions; upon answering them, it will become clearer whether or not an overhaul can save your application or it needs to go.

Discrete manufacturing November 6, 2020
MES vs IIoT or MES with IIoT? What’s the way forward?

Are you deciding between an MES or an IIoT Platform? What about leverage them both? MES enables value chain-wide improvements, which no IIoT platform alone can ever achieve.

Critical Manufacturing MES
Discrete manufacturing June 9, 2020
Your style defines your MES

Categorizing manufacturing operations based on process workflows and establishing a functionality/weight-based methodology for selecting the right MES is a logical first step. Understanding industry-specific use cases will enable and aid better decision making when it comes to deciding which MES works best for you.

Clean Room
Semiconductor manufacturing July 12, 2019
Effective, Speedy Experiments

Speed, efficiency and effectiveness. These are three very different things but are often associated with each other. According to folklore, the fastest doesn’t always finish first – so is efficiency and effectiveness what you should be striving for? Design of Experiments (DOE) is like this. You can conduct experiments fast, but what if you miss an important interaction because you can only experiment with one factor at a time?