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containers for MES deployment
Discrete manufacturing January 18, 2021
Modern MES – Are Containers the Way to Go?

One technology which is becoming extremely popular is the ‘containerization’ of applications; the most popular provider of containers being Docker. Our goal here it is to establish how applications or functions within larger applications can be created, modified and deployed better when they are containerized and the fact that this is much a cheaper and faster option for the organization which intends to use the applications.

Discrete manufacturing November 23, 2020
MES and the Cloud- Bringing it all together

Today, we will look at the foundational aspects of MES and the cloud to understand what cloud computing offers, what makes it so exciting for businesses around the world to adopt for manufacturing, and how the MES interplays and leverages the cloud.

Men analysing data
Discrete manufacturing October 29, 2020
MES and Security

One of the most common concerns when it comes to the implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 for manufacturers is the risk to data security and maintaining requisite level of data integrity throughout the value chain. Let’s understand why security is a concern.