New technologies for intelligent manufacturing

Project Code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-010804
Main Goal: Strengthening research, technological development, and innovation
Region of Interval: NORTE
Date of Approval: 12-04-2016
Date of Beginning: 01-09-2015
Date of Conclusion: 30-11-2017
Overall cost: 677.442,86 EUR
EU Grant: 417.360,05 EUR

This project aimed to create universal interfaces for advanced manufacturing facilities, creating a revolutionary new way to interact with industrial production management systems (Manufacturing Execution Systems – MES).

The development of coherent, functional, interactive, and easy-to-maintain interfaces with multi-platform and multi-device support of different dimensions, with first-class user experience, is a major task that we intend to achieve at the end of this project.
In order to adequately address some of the most pressing needs in the market for production management systems, such as increased productivity, quality control of processes and products, operational flexibility, functional modularity and reduced acquisition and maintenance costs. , this project allowed:
• Build a platform, based on the latest generation web technology, for the development of graphical interfaces, oriented to the industry, multi-platform and for devices of different sizes;
• Design and implement a new module concept (functional and technological) that allows to meet the market’s modularity requirements;
• Provide the graphic interfaces of communication protocols that allow its use in SaaS business models.
Through the work of professionals with a lot of experience in their areas of activity, namely software engineers, product and project managers, and quality and marketing management specialists, we were able to set new standards for the development of factory management interfaces.
The groundwork developed during this project resulted in a set of guidelines that are today the basis for all user interfaces of the Critical Manufacturing Platform for I4.0.
Some of the code developed is available online, on Critical Manufacturing’s GitHub.

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