Overview of the project

Most manufacturing lines are still under-optimized. Decisions made ‘on the moment’ are usually based on common sense rather than the overall picture of the factory floor, leading to sub-optimal decisions.

The main objective of the ScalABLE 4.0 project was the development and demonstration of an open scalable production system framework (OSPS) that enables optimization and maintenance of production lines ‘on the fly’, through visualization and virtualization of the line itself.

The project outcomes focus not only on line monitorization but also on its control and construction in real time. This is possible by integrating enterprise information systems, automation equipment and open APIs for system optimization. ScalABLE aims to have effects on an European level, cooperating with other projects, influencers, and initiatives, like Industry 4.0 or European Robotics. Besides the advances in technology, ScalABLE will also contribute with new standards for the production lines of the future.

Critical Manufacturing was the work package leader for Vertical Enterprise Integration, and its main task was the development of the integration architecture for the ScalABLE components. Critical Manufacturing also contributed in the integration of the MES both with the simulation and decision support tools and with the definition of the protocols for connection with manufacturing resources and robots.

Final Results
The ScalABLE4.0 production system includes, not only, the ScalABLE4.0 robot system, but also different high-level and integration software components that allow the flexible adjustment of the automation level of each production line according to the production demand and the available resources.

You can assist here the showcases of the different components of the ScalABLE4.0 production system applied within the scope of project use cases.


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