May 2, 2016

Tong Fang LED implemented Critical Manufacturing’s MES

PORTO, Portugal, May 9, 2016 – THTFLED, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tsinghua Tongfang Company, successfully implemented Critical Manufacturing’s MES in Nantong LED Facility.

The facility gained an integrated system for paperless management of production operations and one-source database for effective automated information flows to ensure better process visualization and flow/WIP tracking.

Tsinghua Tongfang consists of several subsidiaries, covering major industries such as computer, microelectronics, Internet of things, digital TV, and others. Tongfang LED is Tsinghua Tongfang’s endeavor to break into the LED chip industry, aiming to launch a series of high-quality and mass-produced LED chips in the market and supply not only Tongfong Company but also other clients.

THTFLED is a blue and white LED CHIP manufacturer. The Nantong LED plant generates a considerable volumes due to the amount of MOCVD equipment it installed. The annual production capacity is 2.4 million LED chips, and it can reach 8.4 billion branch LED light particles.

“Tongfang not only aims to take the technologies of Chinese manufacturers to the next level and break up the monopoly of foreign LED chip and high-end product makers, but also propel the development of raw material, LED component, package and application industries.”, said MES Manager Mr. Sun. ”We believe Critical Manufacturing’s MES has the best chance to succeed in helping us reach our goals.”

The MES was a prerequisite for Tongfang LED – to meet customer requirements they have taken on a project of implementing a modern MES and integrating it with their in-house ERP system.

Critical Manufacturing with its rich know-how in semiconductor industry and powerful MES product, was selected to provide a one-source data solution that would ensure complete manufacturing information flow and better production visualization, improve quality and reduce the cycle time.


Nantong Tongfang Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tongfang Co., Ltd., the “Tsinghua Tongfang” in Nantong, Jiangsu Development Zone of high-brightness LED chips and application products industry base, is responsible for the implementation of LED epitaxial wafers, chip industrial production projects.

Nantong Tongfang plans to invest 6 billion, covers an area of 504.7 acres. A total investment of RMB 32 billion in fixed assets investment RMB 26 billion in Implementation of the project is put into production, an annual 2.4 million LED wafer production capacity. On August 8, 2011 formally put into operation. Tsinghua Tongfang LED technology research and development center aggregation Tsinghua LED industry-related technology, has made 27 invention patents, 32 patents for inventions in the declaration to promote the process of domestic LED industry chain.


Critical Manufacturing empowers high performance operations for some of the most advanced manufacturers worldwide with innovative software technology and advanced services. Its new generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is an Industry 4.0 centerpiece, incorporating all necessary integration, mobile, connectivity and logical decentralization features. This deep, unified system increases performance, control and quality for complex manufacturing operations. The company is part of the Critical Group, a private group of companies founded in 1998 to provide solutions for mission and business critical information systems.

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