January 10, 2017

Critical Manufacturing wins MESA’s Smart Story Award

CHANDLER, AZ., January 10, 2017– A white paper by Critical Manufacturing, Manufacturing Software for Industry 4.0 – Embracing Change and Decentralization, wins MESA’s Smart Story Award and proves the technology may be considered a major challenge in achieving Industry 4.0 vision.

MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International launched ‘Smart Story Awards’ in May 2016 to promote the people and Information Technologies that are making manufacturing smarter: agile, sustainable, efficient.

MESA’s Smart Story Awards created a single destination for professionals to get a full spectrum of case studies, white papers, articles and success stories about why and how to use manufacturing data to make smart decisions throughout a product’s value chain.

The winning story, Manufacturing Software for Industry 4.0 – Embracing Change and Decentralization by Critical Manufacturing, was determined by the most downloads over a 3 month period and it proved there is a big gap in understanding how technology can help manufacturers advance to the next industrial revolution.

Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO of Critical Manufacturing, comments: “We are witnessing a technological race in the industry like never before. As the main industrial countries are investing strongly in Industry 4.0, the companies get overwhelmed in understanding what data to collect and how to turn it into opportunities. This white paper we created provides manufacturers with a good head start towards defining the solution which allows them to continuously evolve the Industry 4.0 plans on a very complete, solid yet flexible base.”

The white paper from Critical Manufacturing can serve as a primer for those studying Industry 4.0 or those considering what their manufacturing software will need to do to support this vision. The document outlines the requirements for software with specific details of what is needed to support decentralization, vertical and horizontal integration, connectivity, sensing and mobile, cloud, and advanced analytics.

About MESA International

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About Critical Manufacturing

Founded in 2009, Critical Manufacturing provides manufacturers of complex, high tech discrete products, a manufacturing execution and intelligence system that empower organizations to achieve its goals. It has more than 15 years of experience as software solution providers to the semiconductor industry. It has expanded its services to a broad range of high tech manufacturing industries with a group of top analysts and developers. For more info, visit: https://criticalmanufacturing.com/