October 26, 2016

Choosing the right MES for your business: Guide

In September 2016 CGI published their global annual MES Product Survey. For the 17th year in a row, the CGI provides detailed product overviews and insight into MES trends.

This year’s edition covers 74 manufacturing execution systems (MES) and it’s intended to help manufacturers to select and implement the right MES product.

Critical Manufacturing is being listed in the MES survey for the 4th time.

Managers can use an MES to contribute to their strategic aims. It helps them achieve operational excellence whilst simultaneously improving their competitive position. However, these days, there are more technologies and solutions to choose from than ever before. MES buyers stand a better chance of finding the perfect solution, but at the same time face a greater challenge in finding it. With our annual MES Survey, we supply our clients and business partners with clear product overviews and insights into market developments. We hope this survey helps you shortlist and choose potential solutions from among a multitude of suppliers.’ Jan Snoeij, CGI

MES Product Survey: Trends and Observations

Based on the data obtained in this and in the past editions, CGI experts were able to identify several trends that were evident in the MES market and Manufacturing IT:

Manufacturing companies show an increasing interest in MES. Additionally, in recent years MES – apart from being the domain of technical automation – also contributes to the organizations strategic aims.
Organizations are standardizing their processes and systems. At the same time, the scope of MES products has evolved, from supporting production activities, to covering also quality, maintenance and inventory operations.
Internet of Things, Big Data analytics and other new technologies that are a foundation of Industry 4.0, enable manufacturers to make better decisions in the complex environments. The Smart Manufacturing triggered creation of new standards for integration of MES or MOM applications to ERP solutions and to process control systems.
MES suppliers are offering more preconfigured solutions and modules for industry specific processes than before. More focus results in better support of the operations at lower cost.

You can order a printable PDF version of this report via the CGI website or via the website of MESA

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