Manufacturing Excellence with One MES Replacing 50+ Legacy Systems

Manufacturing Excellence with One MES Replacing 50+ Legacy Systems


Manufacturing Excellence with One MES Replacing 50+ Legacy Systems

Vishay has grown through numerous acquisitions since its founding in the 1962s to become a global leader in discrete electronic components with a broad product portfolio that includes semiconductors and passive devices, custom, volume and mass-produced products. That’s why the company started with more than 50 production systems in their 50+ manufacturing sites in 20 countries worldwide. But in 2019 the MES implementation journey began. A year before, Vishay run an intensive MES evaluation project to find the best solution.

Vishay makes wafers, chips, modules, and assemblies in-house, and sometimes with support from contract manufacturers.

The complex as well as the increasing uncertainties in the supply chain, and the very high customer requirements from automotive, medical, avionics, military or space industry, require a modern, digital, full transparent and agile enterprise and shop floor management to react quickly on any change and requirement. This is only possible when standardized shop floor software applications are easy to manage and configure centrally, deploy quickly, upgrade smoothly, and integrate well into the overall IT landscape and enterprise processes, even site-specific options.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to develop, standardize and roll out a new MES to very different manufacturing sites worldwide
  • How the value of a network organization, consisting of corporate people (BIZ and IT) and local key users, enables rather than restricts each site’s unique requirements and capabilities
  • Why choosing an internal, regional cloud set-up and how it performs


Dr. Thomas Amrein
VP Planning & Systems Passives and Business Process Owner Planning and Manufacturing at Vishay

Dr. Thomas Amrein was born in 1965 in Minden, Germany. He studied mathematics and physics in Clausthal-Zellerfeld and graduated in physics in Göttingen in 1991. Then Dr. Amrein moved to Erlangen, Germany, where he prepared a large part of his PhD thesis in physics while working in the semiconductor area of the Siemens Research Center and studying the physics of high-temperature superconductors (junctions and SQUIDs) at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany.

From 1993 to the end of 1997, Dr. Amrein worked for Philips in the research laboratories in Aachen in the field of luminescence (TV sets and lighting) and medical devices (CT). From 1998 to 2001 he worked for BCcomponents in Heide (Northern Germany) and from 2001 to 2003 for the same company as CIO and member of the management in Eindhoven. When Vishay took over BCcomponents in 2003, Dr. Amrein moved back to Heide.

After his first task to integrate all operational processes of BCcomponents into Vishay, he took over the responsibility as Senior Director, later VP Planning and Systems for BU Passives in 2008. Since Vishay started a Business Process Ownership program in 2011, Dr. Amrein is the Business Process Owner for Planning and Manufacturing Passives.

Susana Silva
Project Manager at Critical Manufacturing

Susana Silva is experienced in shop floor management, particularly in the fields of environment, safety, lean and production management. During the seven years at the Portuguese leading company Sonae Indústria, managing people and continuous improvement processes, Susana realized that having the right manufacturing software for that specific industry would solve many of the problems they were facing.

That’s why Susana decided to start working on the software field. The manufacturing background was key to her professional career at software companies for the past seven years. At Critical Manufacturing, Susana has been involved in various implementation project teams and currently she leads different projects teams.

Augusto Vilarinho
Head of Global Sales and Business Development at Critical Manufacturing

Augusto Vilarinho has been working in the high tech industry since 1998. His strong knowledge in Information Systems for Manufacturing is complemented with field experience in leading global IT support teams and projects.

Vilarinho managed projects involving multidisciplinary teams from Europe, America and Asia and became Principal and Process Innovation Manager at Infineon Technologies / Qimonda AG until 2009. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering. He is now acting as the Head of Global Sales and Business Development at Critical Manufacturing.