MES for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is different from any of the previous revolutions in two major ways: It has been predicted, which allows companies to develop a plan and roadmap for their own adoption; and, beyond increasing the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing, it actually opens up entirely new business opportunities.

But being the clear that it offers an unprecedented opportunity for transformational success, the companies must have plant floor software that is ready for that journey. Most MES on the market today can manage a current factory.

A few can also handle some of the Industry 4.0 aspects. However, the specific capabilities for scaling and shifting to coordinating autonomous, decentralized and dynamic shop-floor marketplace activity are critically important. In this 30 min webcast you’ll get the answers to the following questions:

What is Industry 4.0 and what challenges come with it for manufacturing operations?

Why are MES systems so critical for any manufacturing digital transformation process?

What is the influence that cyber-physical systems have in the way the shop-floor operates?

What are the primary functions the MES must have today, so that the Industry 4.0 transformation process can be built around it?

What are the concepts behind MES logical decentralization, vertical and horizontal integration?

Register now to this no-cost 30-minute webinar and learn all about what must the future Manufacturing Execution Systems look like to cope with the main Industry 4.0 challenges.



Francisco holds an MBA and an Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Porto. He started his career in a CIM R&D institute, and joined Siemens Semiconductor in 1997. Throughout Siemens, Infineon and Qimonda, he gained experience in several manufacturing areas having, in 2004, led the first migration of an MES system in a running high-volume facility. He has been Critical Manufacturing's CEO since 2010.