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Tom Bednarz


Managing Director at Critical Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

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Critical Manufacturing redefines semiconductor MES for greater agility, success
Semiconductor manufacturing November 17, 2022
Redefining semiconductor MES for greater agility and success

Silicon Semiconductor Technical Editor Mark Andrews spoke with Tom Bednarz to learn how Critical Manufacturing redefines semiconductor MES.

Technician with wafer in semiconductor FAB
Semiconductor manufacturing September 8, 2022
Understanding Acceptable Cycle Times in Semiconductor Fabs and How to Improve them

In processes where total FAB cycle time is 130 days but should be 80 days there is something wrong. The reason may be underutilization of process equipment, or other underlying challenges optimizing capacity. A modern MES platform helps reduce wait times across fabs. An MES can shorten cycle times without compromising the number of wafers started per day.

Working with Silicon Wafers
Semiconductor manufacturing May 19, 2022
Send-Ahead Wafers: why this advanced capability should be native in your MES

When a send-ahead wafer is executed through the same MES which is responsible for the overall process execution, all the delays and lack of traceability disappear.

Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS Semiconductor R&D
Semiconductor manufacturing April 27, 2022
MES for Semiconductor R&D

For any R&D lab, the priorities might differ, but the need to graduate from old, cumbersome and outdated systems is the same. Whether you are a semiconductor R&D facility or a high volume manufacturer, choose an MES that offers system scalability, data visibility, and advanced functionality.

Female Scientist Carefully Inspect A Silicon wafer
Semiconductor manufacturing October 7, 2021
Predictive Maintenance: A Reality for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance becomes a strategic initiative in a highly complex, automated semiconductor fab. Predictive Maintenance equips process owners and maintenance personnel to proactively detect equipment-related issues before there is a breakdown, allowing owners to eke out the last bit of performance. Production and schedule adherence are protected, and unplanned stoppages avoided. 

Female Scientist Working on Silicon Wafer Fabrication in Cleanroom in Semiconductor fab
Semiconductor manufacturing July 9, 2021
IoT Data Platform – A Necessity for Semiconductor Manufacturing

A truly Industry 4.0-enabled semiconductor fab needs more than a MES. It needs an IoT data platform, which encompasses the core MES functionality, but has the capability to unleash the potential of IoT through enhanced data storage and manipulation capabilities.