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Jonathan Karmaou


Jonathan Karmaou is Director of Business Transformation at Critical Manufacturing. He's an expert in planning and overseeing digital transformation programs, having spent his entire career in manufacturing, working with large enterprises across many complex industries including Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Automotive, Aeropace and Defence, Pharmacuetical and Food and Beverage. At Critical Manufacturing, Jonathan consults on digital transformation and enterprise implementation strategies and leads the US based and offshored project management teams serving Critical’s growing US customer base.

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Manufacturing Facility Team of Scientist Wearing Sterile Protective Coverall Set's up / Programs Modern Industrial 3D Printer, High Precision Manufacture of Semiconductors under Process
Semiconductor manufacturing September 9, 2021
What does full automation mean for Semiconductor Manufacturing?

The 2021 global chip shortage bears testimony that the industry’s perceived capabilities have fallen short on reaping the full potential of digital transformation and automation.

Semiconductor chip
Semiconductor manufacturing June 25, 2021
Semiconductor Industry: sluggish digitalization and a way forward

The Semiconductor Industry has been at the forefront of digitalization. Chips manufactured by the industry have enabled increased data storage, real- time data processing at the edge and the very manifestation of IIoT and AI in value chains worldwide. However, the automotive and medical device industries are outpacing semiconductor in terms of digitalization, with the semiconductor industry lagging behind.