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Design of Experiments (DoE) is a method used by engineers, across industries, in a variety of different activities, ranging from the development of new products to improving product designs and optimizing manufacturing processes. DoE is a systematic method to determine the effect of different factors in the outcome of a process or in the performance and yield of a manufactured product. The information gathered as the result of experiments is essential to design inputs, new product introduction and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

Seize the benefits of Experiments Management

Easier, more efficient, and better control. This module allows engineers to design and execute an experiment, exactly as designed, in an integrated ma

Simultaneous tests

Reduce time by conducting simultaneous multi-variation experiments in a single lot.

Accurate estimates

Conduct transparent side-by-side experiments, in a mass production factory.

Data precision

Understand and gain in-depth knowledge of process variables and their effect.

Quality assurance

Improve quality and reliability of processes and products.

Fast learning

Improve speed of learning.

Optimized workflow

Reduce time-to-market.

Accelerate progress towards Industry 4.0

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