Complete Modular Solution

Modular, yet fully integrated management of shop-floor resources to accelerate progress towards your Industry 4.0 goals.

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Complete Modular Solution

Modular, yet fully integrated management of shop-floor resources to accelerate progress towards your Industry 4.0 goals.

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Fully integrated and modular MES

Built by a seasoned team of high tech industry manufacturing IT professionals, Critical Manufacturing MES goes beyond error-proof operations management, offering advanced IoT data management and analytics, Augmented Reality, a manufacturing Digital Twin and modern, intuitive interfaces that will empower the next generation of workers.

Gain advanced capabilities on your shop floor

The 30+ product capabilities are fully interoperable and provide you with real-time visibility and control across global manufacturing operations:

Execute processes reliably
  • The multi-level material model supports all types of batch, lot and unit tracking and enables any logical and physical operation of a discrete manufacturing process. The Routing and Dispatching module enforces the execution of the material route and associated processing configuration, such as recipes, tooling, consumables, data collections, SPC, inspections, checklists, documents and labor requirements.

  • Critical Manufacturing MES provides full material traceability and genealogy at the individual batch, lot or serialized unit level, maintaining the complete history and traceability at all times. Bill-of-Materials with integrated Consumables Management ensures that the right material, configuration, process and documents are used in manufacturing.

Agile process management
  • Optimize and increase the efficiency of shop floor operations. Always use the correct document versions and approved workflows from critical objects with Master Data Management.

  • Ensure a specific Product is started and manufactured from within the MES, following the process with drawings or schematics, recording possible defects and tracking the state and progress.

  • Execute experiments transparently and seamlessly, even in mass volume production with Experiments Management. Manage recipes using dynamic parameter values computed with simple business rules or by an external Run-to-Run system with Recipe Management.

Complete control and visibility
  • Perform corrective and preventive equipment maintenance, tracking and consumption of spare parts and instrument calibration in the Maintenance Management module.

Assure product reliability
  • Fully integrated Quality Management capabilities ensure an error-proof production process with closed-loop NCR and CAPA processes that can contain and prevent issues from reoccurring. Document Management creates, approves, notifies and distributes new documents, making sure that only the most up-to-date documents are used. Statistical Process Control (SPC) automatically reacts to errors and takes decisive action.

  • Ensure the highest quality and minimize inspection costs with Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) and get a fast, convenient, and secure way to send, sign and approve documents with Electronic Signatures.

Improve delivery times and manage costs
  • Improve on-time performance with Critical Manufacturing’s natively integrated Advanced Planning & Scheduling module. Make realistic order promises, optimize for mix and volatility, and gain agility to respond to the market.

  • Add Material Logistics to control all shop-floor related warehouse management business processes, material requests, fulfillment and transportation. Ensure that the right materials are available, in the right quantities at the right time.

  • The Costing module has the capability to define different cost structures, based on time, usage, labor and materials, and to absorb the costs into the materials as they are processed. Reports for material cost history and product cost forecast are available.

Turn data into factory-wide insights
  • Critical Manufacturing MES enables the creation of manufacturing analytical dashboards without IT skills. Reporting and Analytics provides the intelligence needed to see beyond a single factory, area, step and time.

  • For even more efficiency and productivity, Critical Manufacturing’s Factory Digital Twin provides a real-time 3D virtual window into the shop floor. Users can access historical views of production or zoom in to view process details. With Augmented Reality, anything inside MES or available through a connection to MES can be viewed over a live camera shot of the real product, process, line or facility area.

Integration made seamless
  • Connect IoT dramatically reduces the time and effort to implement bi-directional equipment and device integration. It reaches across all types of devices to create the Industry 4.0 decentralized autonomous shop floor marketplace. The Connect IoT module enables seamless connectivity and integration with any equipment with an available interface, such as, OPC-UA, Files or Databases.

  • The Factory Automation module supports high automation by monitoring all factory events and orchestrating the right response from different systems and applications. It provides an event-based business workflow system that can automatically execute any type of short or long-running job in order to react to an event to achieve the desired business outcome. 

Make better data-driven decisions
  • The Critical Manufacturing IoT Data Platform has all the main building blocks to transform connectivity, create predictive models, deliver powerful new insights and bridge the divide between IT and OT to connect all the data that matters.

  • A highly scalable platform based on Apache Kafka™ and Apache Spark™ provides an event ingestion mechanism to route events to multiple stream processing components. It enables real-time processing so that issues are automatically identified and resolved as early and as possible. The Critical Manufacturing IoT Data Platform allows batch-processing for less time-critical data analysis and tools and mechanisms to visualize, report and interact with the data. 

Transform new manufacturing insights into action

IoT Data Platform is a complete, highly scalable solution that combines IoT, equipment and MES data processing and analytics capabilities with contextual intelligence from MES. It helps manufacturers generate transformative insights to improve performance, efficiency and innovation.

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