Manufacturing in the Age of AI: Progress and Expectations

Everyone is talking about AI – and using it in more and more applications. Are you confident your company can take full advantage of artificial intelligence to make progress on Industry 4.0?

This new research by Tech-Clarity shows that overall, companies have made progress toward Industry 4.0 since The Manufacturing Data Challenge research of 2020. Most companies also recognize the reasons to use artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Closing and speeding the cycle time from data to information to insights to decisions to action will enable new levels of success for manufacturers.

Looking forward to benefits is one thing, but Top Performers are reaping the benefits already. This elite group of companies understands they need to address more of the complexities – and they have invested in people, processes, and technology in focused initiatives.

Based on over 300 responses from manufacturers in various industry segments, this Tech-Clarity eBook addresses crucial subjects when enabling AI with manufacturing data.

Read the eBook to see how your company compares and what you can learn:

What one issue continues to require undue effort and expertise
Where Top Performers are investing that others may not be
How Top Performers organize and staff for success
Technology use and MES perceptions
Expectations for benefits from AI and advanced analytics
Recommendations for success from a respected industry analyst

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