The Manufacturing Data Challenge

Lessons from Top Performers

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The Manufacturing Data Challenge

Lessons from Top Performers

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The Manufacturing Data Challenge. Lessons from Top Performers

You no doubt know that manufacturing data matters to success with Industry 4.0. Yet do you know whether your company is doing what’s needed?

Tech-Clarity research shows that managing manufacturing data presents significant challenges. Yet some companies – the Top Performers – are achieving better continuous improvement and agility. They have made significant gains in key business metrics.

How? By making needed investments in people, process, and technology. To date, even they find that integration is a challenge for manufacturing data. That’s why a different approach is arising, where IT and OT are working together with common, in-context data to unleash manufacturing data value.

Based on the answers of over 300 manufacturers in various industry segments, this Tech-Clarity’s eBook addresses crucial subjects when it comes to leveraging manufacturing data.

Read the eBook to see how your company compares and what you can learn from top performers:

  • What one manufacturing data challenge requires undue effort and expertise for everyone
  • Where Top Performers are investing that others may not be
  • How Top Performers organize and staff for success
  • Where plant data processes appear to make a major difference
  • Which technologies Top Performers use to support their success
  • Recommendations for success from a respected industry analyst

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