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Critical Manufacturing among 180 professionals @ Pitch Bootcamp at ISEP (Porto)

May 24, 2016

Critical Manufacturing among 180 professionals @ Pitch Bootcamp at ISEP (Porto)

Have you ever been on a blind date... with your potential employer? You might have, if you attended Pitch Bootcamp.

The Pitch Bootcamp is a two-day program that puts some of the most competitive companies in Portugal in contact with students and recent graduates to make the future happen.

How does it work?

On the 1st day, bootcampers work on development of value proposition and map of competencies, recognizing professional skills, identifying recruitment channels, learning about effective communication channels etc.

On the 2nd day, bootcampers put into practice what they have learned. During the two 1-hour sessions, they practice their pitch to the 70 companies that make themselves available in order to share their knowledge with inexperienced young people, entering the job market.

The mission of the Pitch Bootcamp is to help young people develop skills useful in the process of building their career and enhance the transfer of human value between academies and companies.

Jorge Dias (PM) and Fernando Guimarães (Principal Software Engineer) represented Critical Manufacturing during the last event that took place on 21-22 May at ISEP in Porto.

Organized by Spark Agency since 2013, the Pitch Bootcamp already had 50 editions, which joined 5,400 students/graduates and 2.750 professionals from 650 companies, creating 1.350 jobs.

Learn more at Spark Agency website.

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