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Scheduling in Manufacturing: WHY and HOW [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 10, 2015

Some time ago, we issued a series of posts dedicated to Scheduling basics. We discussed if Scheduling could work outside the MES (»» click), showed it was a NP-hard problem (»» click), reassured the role of planners (»» click), underlined the importance of optimization criteria (»» click) and powerful heuristics & connection to MES (»» click).

That was a lot of reading!

If you haven't got a chance to catch up, here is the Infographic that will quickly update you with all the necessary info about why we decided to integrate Scheduling into our cmNavigo 4.0 MES.

When you've finished reading, don't forget to sign up to our WEBINAR to learn even more about Scheduling and how AT&S, European market leader and one of the leading manufacturers of high-value printed circuit boards, is implementing it at their new plant in China.

Save your seat now, there are not many left!

Register here for the free WEBINAR

PS. All Webinar attendees will be granted access to the AT&S Case Study.

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