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De-Risking Manufacturing for Digital Transformation

January 30, 2019

Critical manufacturing guest blogger:

Ramesh Dige / EC Solutions

EC Solutions is a Critical Manufacturing Value Added Reseller, based in Quebec, Canada. Their specialty is manufacturing software sales/services for the complex discrete industries.
See more at https://www.e-c-solutions.com.

For the past few years, one of the biggest trends in manufacturing is Digital Transformation. Most manufacturers have created some type of Digital Transformation roadmap, started their search for relevant use cases, and in some instances, began their implementation. These transformations are either based on Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 focuses on leveraging the next generation technologies (e.g. IoT, Big Data, Mobility, AI, Robotics) to solve the day-to-day, complex manufacturing operational issues. Smart Manufacturing brings in a more process modeling approach to solve manufacturing issues. Both emerging trends converge to drive Operational Excellence at the manufacturing organization level.

Key Concerns

Whether you address Digital Transformation with Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing, each approach comes with its own set of concerns and challenges to move forward.

  • Existing shop floor systems and prior investments: Most manufacturers have invested in their plant infrastructure, dedicating both time and money into shop floor automation, MES, Quality, and CMMS systems. The challenge is how to ensure that these investments stay intact; so a strategy of building onto your legacy systems, versus a ‘rip and replace’ is prudent.
  • Integration with existing business systems: As with the argument for plant systems, you’ve likely spent time, money and effort in perfecting the integration into your enterprise business systems. Having to repeat this effort poses a huge risk on productivity and revenue.

Using a time-bound, robust business case can help to overcome these integration concerns. Once your business case is approved, you can address the Key Challenges posed by your own Digital Transformation. These challenges can derail your Digital Transformation, if not timely addressed.

Download White Paper:

IIoT Has a "Thing" for MES. Why IoT Platforms Won’t Replace MES for Industry 4.0
by Iyno Advisors and Critical Manufacturing

MES provides a dozen capabilities that are essential to the success of IIoT projects. Leveraging IIoT makes MES more important than ever. In fact, we see that IIoT has a thing for MES.

Download White Paper

This White Paper explains why in the following chapters:

The IIoT World / What IoT Platforms Do

The Critical Role(s) of MES for IIoT

A Dozen Things MES Delivers for IIoT

Why Some Want MES to Vanish (And Why It Still Won’t)

Key Challenges

  • Speed of Innovation: The market is changing daily; manufacturers need to adjust their pace of Digital Transformation, based on market trends, customer requests, and new innovations.
  • Scalability: This is one of the biggest hurdles. Most of the Digital Transformation use cases are completed in a Proof of Concept lab setting—sometimes isolated from the ‘real time’ manufacturing process. In an actual manufacturing environment, these use cases are failing to scale due platform issues and real-time integration issues.
  • Flexibility: Current digital transformation roadmap and platforms are rigid and will not allow changes to be made for above adjustments. These things need to be flexible to be successful.

The key mantra here is to implement fast, fail fast, adapt fast and change fast.


To overcome the concerns and challenges, look for three important aspects from your technology provider:

  1. A robust and flexible Digital Transformation roadmap
  2. An innovative, scalable, flexible, comprehensive Digital Manufacturing Platform
  3. A ‘future-proof’ platform that can incorporate new technologies as they arise
We at EC Solutions believe that Critical Manufacturing is that platform. With a view to the future, it’s solved the needs of manufacturers in complex discrete industries. We’re betting on them to provide Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing solutions, today.

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IIoT Has a "Thing" for MES. Why IoT Platforms Won’t Replace MES for Industry 4.0
by Iyno Advisors and Critical Manufacturing