What’s on the critical path

to successful Industry 4.0 strategy and implementation?

There are many new technologies to embrace like IIoT, cloud, mobile, big data analytics and augmented reality. An array of IT applications such as MES must work with all of these. Learn more about how to craft an effective Industry 4.0 strategy, and what particular characteristics and capabilities you will need in MES.

White Paper:

Manufacturing Software for Industry 4.0. Embracing Change and Decentralization for Success.
by Iyno Advisors and Critical Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 offers an unprecedented opportunity for transformational success, but companies must have plant floor software that is ready for that journey.

Is your MES Industry 4.0 ready?

The fact that Industry 4.0 is already predicted means companies can prepare themselves now and the appropriate MES is pivotal in achieving that vision.

This White Paper defines a path to Industry 4.0, focusing on 4 different aspects:

concept of Industry 4.0: enabling technologies, cyber-physical systems, ‘smart’ results,

benefits of Industry 4.0,

role of manufacturing execution systems (MES) in Industry 4.0,

path to the future: steps companies can take now to prepare for Industry 4.0.



Seizing Industry 4.0 Opportunity:
The Role of Modern MES Software
by Critical Manufacturing

The Infographic outlines the high-level concepts of the role of modern MES in Industry 4.0. This pictorial overview can help anyone understand Industry 4.0 and what MES software must do in that environment.

To view the Infographic, click here.

MES for Industry 4.0 Webcast


Manufacturing Execution Systems for Industry 4.0
by Francisco Almada-Lobo, CEO, Critical Manufacturing

Most MES on the market today can manage a current factory. A few can also handle some of the Industry 4.0 aspects. However, the specific capabilities for scaling and shifting to coordinating autonomous, decentralized and dynamic shop-floor marketplace activity are critically important.

Learn about what must the future Manufacturing Execution Systems look like to cope with the main Industry 4.0 challenges during this no-cost 30-minute webcast.

Recording of the webcast is available here.