Semiconductor Manufacturing

Customers are increasingly using semiconductor products to transform their products, production methods and business models and manufacturers must keep pace. Driven by the IoT revolution, 5G wireless, artificial intelligence (AI), automotive, and augmented reality (AR) both opportunities and pressures on semiconductor makers are growing.

Semiconductor manufacturers today must be more agile and rapid to remain competitive. Digitalization is the key and manufacturers must now find ways to move beyond legacy systems to innovate faster and increase efficiency, quality and visibility while driving down costs.

Introduce new products

Adapt and Improve

Critical Manufacturing’s MES supports flawless NPI with a fully integrated Experiments Management module, which makes Design of Experiments with multiple input variables easier, more efficient and better controlled. The module enables engineers to both design and execute an experiment, exactly as designed, in an integrated manner. Speed time to market with Critical Manufacturing’s groundbreaking IoT Data Platform, an end to end solution that transforms connectivity to IoT and other data sources to reveal powerful new data insights. Apply machine Learning and other AI technologies to create predictive and prescriptive models to transform business outcomes for today and the future.

Critical Manufacturing MES provides a full suite of Quality Management modules to support ongoing optimization and Change Management enables rapid and consistent development and roll-out of needed process and workflow changes. The Connect IoT module for equipment and automation, provides the foundational technology for Industry 4.0, ensuring that all IoT data can be used effectively as well as dramatically reducing the time and effort required to implement equipment or IoT integration. The new Factory Automation module is factory level workflow engine that helps manufacturers progressively increase their automation capabilities all the way to ‘Light Out’ smart factories. The new Material Logistics manages the entire materials lifecycle for just-in-time manufacturing, ensuring product quality and profitable operations.

Harmonize Operations Data

Support Employees

Companies can rapidly get a uniform view of performance and issues across plants using our FabLive Digital Twin. This 3D visual approach is also available for deep drill-down into information from any MES. Import existing equipment models and fab blueprints to rapidly build out visibility for sites using Critical Manufacturing Augmented MES or older legacy systems. Critical Manufacturing MES is scalable. It has been implemented in large and small organizations and sites. A greenfield points to implementation in less than two months, and large fabs and backends have also migrated to replace legacy systems.

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The semiconductor industry faces a shortage of skilled people. Critical Manufacturing MES provides guidance and training through not only work instructions, reports, and dashboards, but also a factory Digital Twin. It allows the operations team to create and build GUIs and workflows themselves, to fully support their tasks. Beyond dashboards and advanced reports, BI Cards offer compact and clear views of KPIs and other key intelligence to ensure employees can act quickly. Augmented Reality (AR) can show any operator, equipment or product data from across the MES, superimposed over a live camera image on any smartphone, tablet or AR headset.

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Critical Manufacturing MES for Semiconductor meets the extreme challenges of the industry, now and for the future. The inherent flexibility and agility makes it easy to design, model, deploy and monitor across both Front-End and Back-End operations, improve cycle time and equipment utilization, quality and lifecycle management capabilities.

Critical Manufacturing MES V8 is packed with the latest smart factory technologies to drive digitalization initiatives faster and further with powerful manufacturing data insights. Semiconductor manufacturers can now innovate faster, at lower cost and gain the benefits from Industry 4.0-ready connected and knowledge intensive production.


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Seize the benefits on your shop floor

As pioneers in MES, semiconductor manufacturers often only know older systems. Critical Manufacturing MES V8 is modern, configurable and ready for new business models and technologies. Gain the benefits:

Make rapid, confident decisions and action based on the most comprehensive integrated functionality

Learn faster with deep understanding to transform business outcomes with the power of an Integrated IoT Platform, advanced analytics and data science tools

Confidently migrate to reduce risk from legacy MES with an expert semiconductor team support

Gain agility to respond to market shifts, customer requests, and R&D with robust configuration and rollout capabilities


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Case Study:

Real Time Fab Monitoring At A High Volume Semiconductor Back-End

Case Study

This Case study describes the Critical Manufacturing MES implementation process at one of the world's largest providers of semiconductor manufacturing assembly and test services facility, in one of the company’s sites in China.