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As discrete products are transformed into intelligent products and services, companies must ensure their manufacturing operations are equally modern. Most companies’ history with traditional MES does not help them envision a way to build the plant digital twin and move into smart manufacturing.

Critical Manufacturing specializes in delivering a comprehensive, modular Industry 4.0-ready MES built from the ground up to accelerate digital transformation across complex discrete industries. We invite you to experience what we call Augmented MES.

Our expertise is in Semiconductor and Electronics, so to serve Automotive, Aerospace & Defense and Industrial Manufacturing, we invested in building a strong strategic partner ecosystem.

Our proven partners have extensive industry domain knowledge, experience and resources to ensure customer success and deliver the full business value of Augmented MES across your global manufacturing operations. To learn more about the key capabilities of the Critical Manufacturing MES for your industry, click below:




White Paper:

Manufacturing Software for Industry 4.0. Embracing Change and Decentralization for Success.
by Iyno Advisors and Critical Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 offers an unprecedented opportunity for transformational success, but companies must have plant floor software that is ready for that journey.

Is your MES Industry 4.0 ready?

The fact that Industry 4.0 is already predicted means companies can prepare themselves now and the appropriate MES is pivotal in achieving that vision.

This White Paper defines a path to Industry 4.0, focusing on 4 different aspects:

concept of Industry 4.0: enabling technologies, cyber-physical systems, ‘smart’ results,

benefits of Industry 4.0,

role of manufacturing execution systems (MES) in Industry 4.0,

path to the future: steps companies can take now to prepare for Industry 4.0.