Meeting the Manufacturing Data Management Challenge


This webinar is the first to explain the findings of the new Tech-Clarity research report, The Manufacturing Data Challenge: Lessons from Top Performers. In this webinar, you will learn what the latest research says Top Performers are doing differently than others to improve dramatically on both operational and business key performance indicators (KPIs):

What one manufacturing data management challenge requires undue effort and expertise for everyone

Were Top Performers are investing that others may not be

How Top Performers organize and staff for success

Where plant data processes appear to make a major difference

Pros and cons of “Paper on Glass”

Which technologies Top Performers use to support their success

Integrating MES with PLM, ERP, and more

Recommendations for success from a respected industry analyst

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JULIE FRASER, Vice President at Tech- Clarity

Julie Fraser is VP of Research for Manufacturing and Operations at Tech-Clarity, an independent research company. Fraser has been studying and explaining how software makes manufacturing better for decades. She has held analyst positions at AMR which is now Gartner, Cambashi, and two companies she owned, Industry Directions and Iyno Advisors, as well as heading up marketing for a finite capacity scheduling software company that was acquired by Baan. She has also been active in MESA International, founding the Analytics Working Group, and now leads the Smart Manufacturing Community.